Warehouse & Logistics


Our purposely designed licensed warehouse is located in Hitchin, United Kingdom near Luton and London which is regulated by MHRA and Home Office. All the orders are processed here complying with the Good Distribution Practice. We effectively meet every storage need including hazardous materials and cold storage.

The temperature data loggers are installed to offer a comprehensive temperature audit trajectory for the cold chain shipments. The walk-in cold room refrigerator works between 2 Degree Celcius to 8 degree Celcius. With the provision of a warehouse management system, the inventory status can be traced. The warehouse staff is proficient in picking and packing pallet orders with layering and cornering to ensure safe and efficient delivery of the products.


Assisted with excellent pharma-grade logistic partners who allow us to offer next-day delivery to UK-based retail and wholesale customers. For urgent needs, we even offer same day collection or delivery service. We are affiliated with reliable courier service providers and freight forwarders to offer our customers different freight options like road, air, and sea. Besides, the location of the warehouse eases the transportation and serves as a major transport link between Luton, London and Heathrow Airport.

We can receive as well as store products in our warehouse until the shipments get fully loaded to save freight costs for customers. All the temperature-sensitive products are exported regularly and appropriately to customers residing in countries with different climates.

Our Process

A streamlined warehouse procedure to fulfill your order.

Step 1

Initial Enquiry

Browse and choose from our available stock, confirm your order enquiry and our team will contact you to process your order.

Step 2

Product List

Itemization of product list to prepare for faster picking and gathering.

Step 3

Product Picking

All the products are picked and brought together at a place.

Step 4

Product Gathering

The products are properly packaged and gathered in systematic manner on a pallet.

Step 5

Order Wrapping

The pallets and product are properly wrapped together to avoid any damages during the transit.

Step 6


Once your order is ready to dispatch we will notify our warehouse to prepare for delivery. We use our own delivery channels to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your order.

Trust Our Expertise

Points that highlight our capabilities.


With ample space for stocking ambient goods and equipped with walk in cold storage room facility for items that require refrigeration. We can store products in large volumes at highest regulation standards.


Our logistic team renders efficient services to our retail and wholesale customers, providing next day delivery with our Temperature controlled Vans & Trucks. For urgent needs, we even offer same day collection or delivery services.

Regulatory Affairs

Our Team encompasses all the work that is necessary to validate a customer or supplier. Making sure the entire operation follows as per GDP guideline.

Customer Service

Our staff, teamwork, systems, and processes are the foundation of our consistent success. Our exclusive customer service has lent us a loyal customer base.


With high-efficiency levels and professionalism, we have developed and cultivated international relationships with worldwide foreign customers supplying to 80+ countries.